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Wayne & Jonica’s Home

Village of North Chevy Chase, MD

Inspired by the southern farmhouses that dotted the landscape of their childhood.

Feeling hemmed in where they lived, but not wanting to leave their tight-knit neighborhood, Wayne and Jonica jumped at the opportunity to purchase a larger property just a few houses away.


Originally planned as a renovation of the existing residence, after several iterations and rounds of pricing, it became clear that the cost to transform the oddly-laid-out house would be significant. We then realized that, as long as we kept the structure simple and straightforward, we could build a new home instead.

The simple form kept the costs down, while detailing imbued the home with scale, proportion and character.


Starting with a rectilinear footprint and a simple gabled roof structure, Wayne and Jonica requested a wrap-around porch at the front – to stay connected with the life of the neighborhood – and a screen porch at the back – to stay connected with the family’s outdoor life.  Trim details and architectural elements were then distributed throughout the facade, such as the banding crown trim that breaks down the scale of the wall, delineates the alternate siding, and acts as an extended sill for the windows above.

Project Team

Carib Daniel Martin A+D

Chesapeake Custom Homes

Potomac Valley Surveys
Soil & Structure

Brodie Kerst

Anice Hoachlander

The internal layout provided areas for interaction with guests as well as privacy for the family.


This was achieved through a layering of spaces, starting with the front porch that has become a meet-up space for local children. Past the front door is a sitting room and formal dining space where family members interact with guests. Beyond these front rooms lie the open family area with an oversized kitchen island that serves as the hub of family life. Through the large glass doors at the rear wall of this family space is the expansive private yard that enticed Wayne and Jonica to take on this adventure in the first place.

The house looks great and we are so very pleased with all the work the team has done. It was a fun process, and we really appreciate your ability to match our personal taste.

— Wayne & Jonica