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Brock & Audrey’s Home

Langdon, Washington, DC

A house that fits into the neighborhood and takes advantage of its tree-lined site.

Before Brock and Audrey purchased their historic home, it had been disfigured by a previous renovation and addition that also disconnected the interior space from the expansive backyard views. Maintaining the existing overall form, the house was stripped of all siding and trim, the windows were relocated and expanded, and a new textured façade was created to wrap the exterior walls.

The carved-up layout of the interior spaces was completely rethought, with the primary rooms reorganized and opened up to the views and natural light around them. In the process, plenty of space was provided for their children to run around in!

Project Team

Carib Daniel Martin A+D

Impact Construction

CAS Engineering
Soil & Structure

Client Portraits
Timothy Devine

Brodie Kerst

Anice Hoachlander

The interior rooms were unified and re-focused to the back of the property.

The kitchen was rotated out of the way and moved to the side to better interact with the surrounding living spaces. The cooking range, centered on the side wall, was flanked with corner windows at each end, flooding the interior with morning light to greet the day. The careful detailing of the kitchen cabinetry provides a tailored appearance and quiet backdrop to the adjacent family room.

The park setting inspired a closer connection of the house to its surroundings.

With Langdon Park wrapping two sides of the property, it was critical to take advantage of the encompassing views. This was done through the extensive use of windows on the side and rear walls, which open up the spaces and fill them with natural light. A cantilevered deck was also created to extend from the main level, providing plenty of room for outdoor entertaining and tricycle racing.

You gave our house so much character - whenever someone visits, they share how they love all the details. We love it too, and hope to enjoy it until our kids move us into a nursing home!

— Brock & Audrey