Model Homes through History

Homeownership has long been a key part of the American Dream and, as such, is integral to our identity as Americans.  With this consideration, what do our homes say about us as individuals and as a society?  Similar to how a historian can study the design of a home...

McMansionization of America

Over the last few decades there has been one home that has stood out as a model home, of sorts – the McMansion.  First appearing in the 1980s, the term “McMansion” has evolved over the years to generally refer to a new home which feels too large for its property and...

Impact of Technology

The lives of Americans, within their ever-expanding homes, are drastically different than it was a generation ago.  The primary source of this difference has been the growing access to high-speed internet and the explosion of new technologies built around it. ...

Ingredients for Moving Forward

As we’ve lived through this vast sociological and technological transformation, our homes, with the exception of their size, have remained basically unchanged.  Yet, here we stand at a critical shift within America.  One with far reaching effects on our social...

coNEXT Connected Home

The coNEXT home rises to meet the challenges of our changing world.  It’s a fully-connected, right-sized residence that embraces the promise of technology while helping to balance its role in our personal lives.  It’s a sub / urban home with a quadfurcated...

The Concept

The coNEXT Home is a fully-connected, right-sized residence that embraces the promise of technology while helping to balance its role in our personal lives.  Its design is a response to today’s evolving reality where blurred lines exist between our worklife and our homelife, and where connecting with our mobile devices often overrules connecting with our loved ones.

The Proposal

To partner with forward-thinking individuals who share our ambition to develop and craft a one-of-a-kind home in the DC Metro area that showcases what the American home can become in this new digital age.

Join the Team

DC Metro Area Home Owners

Have you experienced this societal change within your own life?  Are you longing to live within a home that addresses these needs?  We welcome interested individuals with the right property and the dedication to rebuild to reach out to our team.

Investors / Developers

Do you believe that the design of a home can support the family within? Looking to leave your mark on the nation’s capital?  We are seeking investors and developers with access to potential property and the capital required to make this project a reality.

Suppliers / Vendors

A home is merely the sum of its many parts.  Are you a supplier / vendor providing a quality product or service that supports our aspiration?  We are looking for complementary companies to partner with for public relations and marketing potential.

Members of the Media

The coNEXT team would love to discuss this unique project and how we believe it can illustrate a new approach to residential design. We are actively chronicling our progress and welcome both long-term media partners and one-off stories.