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Dreaming of a Spring Start

When the temperatures begin to fall, most of us become consumed by the upcoming holidays, various school activities, and winter weather plans. At such a time the thought of tackling that new home renovation or construction project drops down the list of priorities – something to be put off until warmer weather returns.  Now is the time for hibernation, rebirth can come with the spring flowers, right?  Well, not exactly…

Don’t forget about design!

Waiting until spring to begin planning your new project means you won’t be starting the design discussion until then as well.  However, depending on the ultimate size and scope of what you have in mind, the design process can take several months.  This can be further exacerbated if you are also required to go through historic oversight or a neighborhood design review process.  This means your dream of breaking ground in April has now been deferred until summer or fall.

Those pesky permits…

More than likely, your project will require a building permit of some type.  Depending on where you live, the permit review process can take weeks, and sometimes months!  Even the best, most comprehensive set of drawings can go through multiple rounds of review and alterations before approval is issued and construction can finally begin.

Be the first in line.

As many people have similar plans as you, construction projects ramp up once warmer weather returns to the area.  Because of the increase in work, it can be difficult to get some contractors to fit you into their already booked schedule.  By reaching out to them during the fall and winter design phase you’ll have the necessary time to get a detailed bid, negotiate the final scope of work, and have the contract signed.  All of this sets you up to be the first in line when spring arrives and allows the construction to happen around your schedule.


Having a better understanding of the entire design and construction timeline puts more control in your hands. Considering everything above, if you’re aiming for a warm weather construction kick-off, don’t wait until the time is too late!