For a project to be successful it must achieve 3 goals:

  • It satisfies the client’s needs,
  • It is within the client’s budget,
  • It results in something beautiful.

Unfortunately, we’ve found that the traditional path of project delivery – Design/Bid/Build or Design/Build – typically only achieves one or two of these goals.  In order to achieve all three, we believe it’s critical to build a team from the start that is dedicated to working together.

Our PROJECT TEAM APPROACH was created for this specific purpose and succeeds by realizing the following:


through Better Coordination and Communication


through Fewer Changes during Construction


between the Client, Builder and Architect


and a Beautiful Finished Project

Here’s how it works:


It’s important to start off right – we help you organize your thoughts about the project and recommend a selection of skilled builders to choose the best fit for the team.


Time to lay the ground work – we research zoning issues, create base drawings and, together, the project team will balance the scope of work with your budget.


As we explore the various design options for your project, the builder provides detailed pricing feedback to keep you in touch with the potential cost impacts of your decisions.


With the design approved, we start on the creation of a detailed set of construction drawings while the builder, and their trades, provide feedback on the required systems.


With the drawings complete, the builder provides their final pricing as we assist in the process of acquiring all necessary construction permits, variances, or special approvals.


We collaborate with the builder throughout construction to create solutions for the inevitable issues that arise and, together, we bring your project to life.

Are you a builder looking for a better way to achieve your client’s goals?

If so, reach out to us. We’re serious about the PROJECT TEAM APPROACH and know that winning teams aren’t made during “game time”.