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Carib Daniel Martin

Carib Daniel Martin

Principal Architect

“It should be the same or different.”

Carib grew up in small-town southern Illinois. From a young age he inexplicably knew he would be an architect. In the fifth grade he started designing homes for all his classmates. By the time he was in high school he had his first real clients. Carib went on to graduate Pratt Institute, in New York, where he achieved the “Circle Award of Excellence”. Around the turn of the century he arrived in DC and, within a few years, the Washington Post called his work “eloquent protests against the global status quo”. His mother, on the other hand, simply calls it “interesting”.

To contact Carib, call our office or email him at

Carib Daniel Martin

M. Gabriela Leniz

Project Designer

“Good design is good design, no matter the style.”

Growing up, Gabriela’s parents decided to build an architect-designed home. Experiencing the design and construction process first-hand fascinated her and she delved into the design and fabrication of jewelry. Gabriela went on to study architecture at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. Itching for an adventure, she left Venezuela shortly afterwards and established herself in DC where she began working in the residential design field. Today, Gabriela can be found arguing with Carib on the best shade of white for their home or where to plant a tree in their yard . . . the same debates their clients have.

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Carib Daniel Martin

Sue Bryan

Project Architect

“Don’t make it an addition, make it part of the original house.”

Sue was raised in the suburbs of New York. At eight years old, she worked beside her father and grandfather to build a barn and, at that moment, she knew she wanted to be an architect. Following her dream, Sue journeyed to the University of Virginia where she fell in love with the “South”. Afterwards she settled in DC, attended the University of Maryland graduate program, and raised a family – all while pursuing her passion for residential architecture. When not designing, Sue is most likely at her kids’ sporting events or on her boat dangling her toes in the Potomac River.

To contact Sue, call our office or email her at

Carib Daniel Martin

Nick Wilson

Project Designer

“Architecture should engage all of your senses, not just your eyes.”

Born into a family of builders, architects and dancers, Nick grew up in a creative environment. His joy in working with his hands, lead him to Virginia Tech School of Architecture, and later, a farm in rural Maryland. These experiences taught Nick to appreciate both modern design and traditional techniques. This appreciation was displayed in the AIA Emerging Professionals Exhibition through his proposed transformation of a grain silo into a library. When not at his desk dreaming up new spaces, or sketching coworkers, Nick can be found on one of his many bicycles exploring the limits of endurance and fashionable spandex.

To contact Nick, call our office or email him at

Carib Daniel Martin

Your Name Here

Future Team Member

“Design shapes the world in which we live.”

You were born with an innate creative drive and a natural sense of curiosity. Over time, you grew to appreciate good design and realized it transcended any specific style. Self-motivated, you found enjoyment in work for its own sake. Through your early career, you discovered you liked working in a team environment and were able to argue your beliefs while listening to the critiques of others. Eventually, you gained an understanding of the standard American residential construction methods. You are now detail-oriented and able to work alongside an obsessive-compulsive person without pulling your hair out. You enjoy a good bad joke.

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