How We Do It

A home is the most sacred of spaces. It is our security, our well-being, and it is where we can truly be ourselves.

At CARIB DANIEL MARTIN Architecture + Design, we strive to design homes that reflect the special individual qualities of a person, or family, to enrich their lives. Of course, we know that innovative design can only be achieved after forming a healthy partnership with our clients. From our first meeting we foster a dialogue with you that will generate a design that is perfectly suited to your needs and desires. Be it a modern masterpiece or a house that fits seamlessly into your neighborhood, we work with you at each phase of the process to get you the most for your budget.

Step 1: Introduction

It All Starts with You

We start by getting to know you.  We’ll send a client questionnaire and then follow up with a complimentary consultation, which is more casual conversation than formal meeting.  It’s great if you have pictures of spaces you love – Houzz and Pinterest make it easy to assemble and share them.  We’ll also begin talking about budget.  Money can be a nervous topic, but we’ve found the best way to address it is openly and up front.  This cumulative information results in a proposal tailored to your specific desires.

Step 2: Preparation

Before Building a High Tower You Must Lay the Foundation

Every project begins with an in-depth review of the existing residence and selected property.  This includes detailed field measurements of the existing house and a survey of the overall site.  With this information we can review the zoning and code issues related to your project as well as begin to refine the initial project requirements and budget range.  We’ll also provide recommendations of builders that fit the unique specifics of your project as well as the personalities of those involved.

Step 3: Exploration

Preconceptions Are the Enemy of Great Design

The design process starts by culling the multiple possibilities for your project with the intent to provide you the confidence to proceed without second-guessing a “what-if” scenario.  As it isn’t always possible to get everything you desire into one unified and affordable solution, we’ll help you prioritize.  This may mean “master planning” some of the work for a later date or allowing certain spaces to do “double duty”.  Once you’ve pondered the options, we’ll integrate your feedback and distill the disparate ideas into one cohesive plan and develop the exterior design and massing of the project utilizing our 3D BIM software.

Step 4: Aggregation

Once We Have the Vision, We Build the Team

At this point, we’re able to share the design drawings with your selected contractor allowing them to put together a detailed preliminary bid for the project.  With that in hand, we can review the pricing with you and make any necessary final tweaks to the design to bring the overall costs in line.  We’ll also assemble the engineering design team. While interior renovation projects often don’t require any engineering work, new homes and additions typically need, at a minimum, structural drawings and a surveyed site plan.

Step 5: Documentation

Devoting the Necessary Time Up Front Minimizes Issues Later On

With the design finalized and the team in place, we delve into the detailed drawings required for permitting and construction.  We’ll also develop the interior and landscape design, spending time with you to review all the various fixture and finish selections for your project.  Beyond our own work, we coordinate the work of the various consulting engineers.  Once complete, we review the finalized drawings and specifications with the contractor and submit the set to the local permitting office.  These drawings then become the touchstone for every action moving forward and we pride ourselves on the detail devoted to them.

Step 6: Realization

Proper Supervision Ensures the Dream Becomes a Reality

The start of construction signifies a progression from preparation to action.  Always an exciting time, you can now walk through the project and touch the outcome of many previously discussed decisions.  Of course, as with any project, there will be surprises.  Rest easy knowing that we’re here to guide you through them.  We’ll review construction progress as needed and assist in resolving any issues that may arise, including the discovery of unforeseen conditions.  We’re always available and ready to answer questions, process change orders and pay requests, and conduct the final walkthrough and review.

Step 7: Completion

Once You’re a Client, You’re Family

What began as an idea and a discussion around the dining room table is now complete.  All the excitement, fretting, and patience has resulted in this – your newly finished project.  For us, it’s your satisfaction and enjoyment of the project that signifies that the job is done.  Every design we create is a child sent out into the world and, like a devoted parent, we’ll be there to assist with whatever the future holds, be it a contractor’s warranty item or the start of your next new idea.