You work hard. You put in the hours, shoulder the stress, and get the job done.

You care for your family and friends. You give your time and attention and are there for them.

You live a truly original life. A life shaped by both daily routine as well as the sublime joy and sorrow this world has to offer.

For all of this, you deserve a house you’ll love to come home to. One that reflects your unique spirit and stands as a testament to all you’ve achieved. A place of beauty, a place for family, a place for you.

Together, we can make it a reality.

Our Journey Together

It all starts with you and your vision. We then help you move past any preconceptions that may limit your possibilities to realize the best way to actualize your needs. We do this while navigating the realities of local regulations and budgetary constraints. Our goal is for you to love your home, and we’re there every step of the way to insure that you do.

Dig Deeper into the Process:

“From our first meeting, it was clear that Carib was interested in designing a beautiful home specifically for our family and site.  He listened deeply to our needs and wants, walking us through a number of options, and then refining our final choice. This collaborative design process resulted in a home that continues to delight us every day.” – John Sager & Catherine Commander

The Collaborative Creation

We are proud of the diversity of designs we’ve helped bring to life. Each home is a unique reflection of the individual, or family, we collaborated with. While we bring our rigorous design philosophy and vast experience to each project, it is the personal style of the homeowner that shines through in the finished creation.

See Our Custom Crafted Work:

“The home you created for us is our oasis. It’s our private place to live and work and play. It doesn’t look like any other house you’ve designed but rather is a reflection of who we are as people.” – Ken Crerar & Peter Garrett

Your Life Afterwards

Regardless of the beauty of the home, we know what really matters is the life you live within it. We take pride in the knowledge that our homes populate the memories of people’s childhood. That the spaces we create act as the backdrop of our clients’ daily experiences – a sanctuary for them during the triumphs and tribulations of their life.

Ready to Take the First Step:

“When I get home after an exhausting, stressful day of work, the space lifts my spirits and brightens my mood. When I walk in to my kitchen on a lazy Sunday, I feel like I’m on vacation. It literally sparks joy for me every week.” – John & Mara Hannula