Project-Team Approach

We believe for a project to be successful it must achieve three goals:

  1. It satisfies the client’s core needs,
  2. It is within the client’s budget, and
  3. It results in something beautiful.

We’ve found that the traditional paths outlined below for a homeowner to manage the design and construction of their project typically only achieved one or two of these.

Design / Bid / Build Approach:

  • In this architect-lead method, the contractor is usually left out of the process until after everything is finalized.  Only then does the client realize the project cost may exceed their budget.

Design / Build Approach:

  • This alternate method is generally lead by the contractor and often leaves the architect out entirely.  While the project may stay in budget, the end result is often lacking personality or ingenuity.

This dichotomy led us to develop a new way forward, one that strives to achieve all three goals of a successful project.

Project Team Approach:

  • In this method, we assemble all of the critical members – homeowner, architect, and contractor – early on, allowing each to bring their unique strengths to bear on the job.  This results in stronger relationships and a better finished project.  We also believe it helps achieve one other important goal, insuring that everyone is happy at the end of the day.

When creating the Project Team, we are flexible enough to be the first point of contact or join through the invitation of a partnering contractor.  Either way, we know this means a better team, a more fulfilling project, and smoother process for you, the homeowner.