“Carib … is an excellent communicator, planner, facilitator, and architect. Not to mention, he and Gabriela are fun to work with!” —Alicia Deeny & Jennifer Fedder

“Carib understood what we were trying to achieve. We finally have a house where everything fits in, it’s so personal. We love waking up every day in our new home.” – Stine Dragsted & Jens Kristensen

“We not only consider Carib and Gabriela to be great architectural minds but also good friends.” —Velina & Michael Lee

“Not only did we get a beautiful home that met our every dream, Carib and his team were delightful to work with and had a sense of humor that made them easy to talk to.” —Sarah & Charles Moxley

“Carib was an awesome partner . . . Carib was very easy to work with and very responsive even to the craziest questions.” —Mara & John Hannula

“Carib … was attentive to our style and tastes. I can be very particular about details and he never let on that I was driving him crazy … we trusted him completely which made the build a pleasure.” —Susan & Andres Galego

“Carib is an extraordinarily talented and conscientious architect and designer. We grew to trust his judgment and creative input so much that we did not make one decision without hearing his input.” —Diane Charness & Louis Rosen

About Us

CARIB DANIEL MARTIN Architecture + Design is not your average architecture firm. We are a group of passion-driven individuals, devoted to our work, who realize too much time is dedicated to our profession to not have fun in the process – we believe you should too.

Everyone has their own personal style. It is our job to go beyond the usual to create a home that is uniquely you. No matter the size, we tackle every project with an open mind, a clean sheet of paper, and a thirst for creative solutions. We’ve crafted a project-team approach that allows us to work directly with homeowners and contractors to form a dynamic partnership that results in homes imbued with value and beauty.

Our design philosophy is simple – make it perfect.